This is a brand new news story fresh in from the NYDailyNews site. We have all heard the rumors before that the producers of American Idol predetermine who the winners are and then stage the contest so it works out the way they want it to bu this is the first time we have actually gotten quotes from an insider that it really happens.

Check out the news story here. Here are a few quotes from the anonymous staffer:

The female “AI” worker told a “group of people that the last four are going to be Danny Gokey, Lil Rounds, Adam Lambert and Alexis Grace,” said our insider. Asked if this was opinion or actual fact, the staffer vehemently retorted, “Those ARE the people,” saying it wasn’t mere speculation.

If it was just her prediction, she’d be spot-on with this week’s TV Guide, which also chose those exact four wanna-be crooners as its picks for stardom.

But the lass took it a step further, claiming that higher-ups at the hit Fox show were taking an issue with two of the top contenders.

“Adam Lambert and Lil Rounds are better singers and musicians than Gokey and Grace, but they’re too much like past winners and ‘A’ successes,” the woman said. “Adam’s too close in style and sound to Chris Daughtry, while Lil Rounds is a dead ringer for Fantasia. Even their background stories are similar!

“The producers really want it to be Danny or Alexis. They think they’re very commercially viable, have a good image and a great story.”

Gokey’s sorrowful story of the death of his wife, Sophia, during heart surgery a month before his audition is “a huge reason viewers are tuning in,” said the staffer. “Fox likes the attention that he’s getting, and they’ve taken to giving Danny much more airtime as a result.”
I have mixed emotions about this because I agree with them that I think Danny is by far the best talent on the show and deserves to win but I hate to see any contest be rigged. I'm also really concerned now about this having been leaked that it may cause the show to dump Danny Gokey just to prove that the leak was wrong and try to cover up for their cheating.

All we can do is hope for the best and ask that all you Danny Gokey fans keep supporting him so that the American Idol producers will not try to abandon him.


Danny Gokey Videos

OK, we all know Danny Gokey is the best contestant on American Idol this season and deserves to win, hands down but we are a little bit concerned about the popularity of Adam Lambert. He really seems to have a pretty big following and if the crowd starts thinking he is inevitable he might become a problem. That's why we wanted to bring you these cool videos of Danny Gokey so you could have a chance to really experience Danny's talent and hopefully realize that he is the real American Idol. Just watch these videos.

If you took the time to watch all of these Danny Gokey videos then you now know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Danny deserves to win it all. We believe that and are going to do all we can to help him make it through the American Idol contest. Check back again soon because we have a lot of cool Danny Gokey stuff to bring you very shortly.

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